KMG International publishes its first sustainability report and announces notable performance

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Bucuresti - 18 august 2015 - KMG International voluntarily publishes its first sustainability report, drafted according to international standards (Global Reporting Initiative G4), and announces the economic, social, environmental an marketplace performance of the Goup’s strategic development areas in the 2013-2014 interval.

"The report illustrates the constant engagement of KMG International, in its capacity as a major player in the Romanian economy, with the local communities, customers, employees and partners, as well as its future commitment to them. The Group's approach to sustainability is to holistically manage risks and opportunities related to our operations in refining, trading, retail and industrial services in compliance with national and international legislation, in order to achieve a high level of profitability for its stakeholders," said Zhanat Tussupbekov, Group CEO.

The Sustainability Report shows the company's role and impact in the Romanian economy, but also in other countries with significant operations (France, Georgia), and details results in areas such as corporate governance, human resources (education and development, safety, diversity, human rights), environmental management (emissions reduction, water consumption, biodiversity conservation activities), local community investments and relations, marketplace performance.

In terms of economic performance, KMG International, along with its sole shareholder, KazMunayGas, has invested in Romania in the course of 7 years over USD 1.56 billion (of which USD 600 million was allocated for environmental management), has processed over 33 million tons of raw materials (over 9.4 million tons in the 2013 to 2014 reporting period), and has made contributions to the state budget in the past two years in excess of USD 3.2 billion. Over 4,200 of its annual trading partners depend directly on KMG International, and its operations socially impact 30,000 people directly.
In terms of environmental management – following the investments in the modernization of Petromidia Refinery, KMG International became in 2013 the first local fuel producer to fully align to the Euro 5 emissions standard and the refinery improved its energy intensity index. Also, one of the major performances recorded by the Group is compliance with the national and European environmental regulations on emissions of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and particulates (SO2 emissions were reduced by 90.63% in 2013). Regarding waste management, in 2014 the rate of reuse was improved to 97.7% and the amount of discharged wastewater dropped by 25%. In 2013 and 2014, the Group maintained its integrated Germanischer Lloyd certification, fully complied with REACH regulations regarding control of chemical substances and received full RAR certification for fuels and additives.

Some other KMG International sustainability highlights throughout 2013 and 2014:
• 0 accidents resulting in the loss of human lives;
• 76% of employees are Romanian nationals;
• Workforce increase by 1.67% in 2014, compared to 2013;
• 100% of employees were included in performance and career development programs;
• USD 1.5 million invested every year in CSR programs in Romanian communities alone;
• 101 health and environment protection projects were implemented in 2009-2014 (one in Moldova, the rest in Romania), totaling 300,000 direct beneficiaries;
• Development of the code of conduct for suppliers according to UNGC principles and the Group’s anti-corruption policy (starting 2015, KMG International is also a founding member of the United Nations Global Compact Network Romania).

The report received and integrated the independent opinion of the Association for Community Relations.

KMG International uses the GRI sustainability reporting system (Global Reporting Initiative), a benchmark globally recognized as a best practice. By doing so, the Group also proactively meets the requirements of the European Commission Corporate Accountability Directive, whose purpose is to increase the level of transparency in the business environment. Thus, according to legislative proposal 2014/95/EU in September 2014 subsequent to Directive 2013/34/EU, starting 2016 the impact of non-financial reporting will become a requirement for all companies in the European Union with more than 500 employees.
To read the full KMG International sustainability report for 2013-2014, visit:

About KMG International
KMG International, through its 52 member companies, conducts major operations in refining, petrochemical, retail, trading, upstream and industrial services in 15 countries (12 main markets) and is an important player in the Black Sea region.
In Romania, the Group operates the Petromidia Refinery in Năvodari (Nelson complexity index - 10.5), with a processing capacity of 5 million tons/year, Vega Ploiesti – the oldest refinery in service (est. 1905) and the only domestic producer of polymer modified road bitumen, the Petrochemical Division - with a production capacity of 220,000 tons of polymer/year and only entity of its kind in Romania in operation, and a fuel distribution network consisting of over 740 supply points, 230 LPG stations, 9,000 cylinder distribution points and 3 LPG bottling stations in Constanța, Arad and Bacău, and 7 storage units.

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KMG International


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KMG International publishes its first sustainability report and announces notable performance
KMG International publishes its first sustainability report and announces notable performance
KMG International publishes its first sustainability report and announces notable performance
KMG International publishes its first sustainability report and announces notable performance

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