PEZ International GmbH: Dispenser with Dali Mask – Money Heist Hype Reaches PEZ

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Traun - 02 septembrie 2021 -

Money Heist enters its 5th round. Now the hype surrounding the Spanish series has reached PEZ: right on time for the start of the final season, PEZ dispensers featuring the iconic Dali mask will be on sale from tomorrow, 3 September. With collectors in mind, there will also be a version with a transparent hood. Aptly, the PEZ candies resemble gold bars – wow!

Money Heist is the first in the new PEZ lifestyle line targeting adults and picking up on topical themes with cult potential. “Our aim here is also to pay tribute to PEZ’s large existing adult fan community,” says marketing manager Gabriele Hofinger.

As only small editions of the new dispenser series will be produced, they cost more than other PEZ lines. Available for EUR 4.99 from the PEZ web shop ( and very soon at Cora und Kaufland.

PEZ: the Cult Brand

The PEZ Group is a globally operating enterprise based in Traun, Austria, and one of the world’s 100 biggest candy companies. PEZ products – some 70 million dispensers and five billion PEZ candies every year – are sold in over 80 countries. PEZ employs some 900 people worldwide.

The PEZ story began in 1927, when Eduard Haas III invented a small, rectangular peppermint candy. The first PEZ dispenser came out in 1949. Since then, PEZ has gained absolute cult status: PEZ dispensers occupy a place in pop culture and in the hearts of collectors all over the world.

If you have any questions, please contact:

PEZ International GmbH

Gerhild Kastelliz

The PEZ Money Heist dispensers – featuring the legendary Dali mask.


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PEZ International GmbH: Dispenser with Dali Mask – Money Heist Hype Reaches PEZ

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