More mobile than ever: Cargus launches iOS, Android and Windows app

20 mai 2014, 02.35 - Afaceri   IT&C   Tehnologie  

Bucuresti - 20 mai 2014 - The application will facilitate unlimited mobile access to Cargus deliveries, payments and account information

- A Cargus Ship & Go locator will also be integrated in order to allow Cargus customer to find the nearest Ship & Go point

- The app is available for the most popular mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows

Cargus, one of Romania’s top domestic delivery companies, has launched its new mobile application, making its services available everywhere for smartphone users.

The Cargus mobile app is designed to deliver an excellent customer experience by offering users access to the status of their ongoing deliveries, overall account and payments status and costs of future deliveries.

The Cargus app can also be used as a locator for Ship & Go centers, where customers can access premiere delivery products, such as the Cargus Express Box, Cargus Collect and Cargus AM.

Anda Bucșan, Cargus Customer Service Director, expects the new mobile application to further enhance the company’s customer experience:

“The new app is the result of our ambition to make deliveries as simple and efficient as possible, but also of major investments made over the past year in IT and infrastructure upgrades. We wanted Cargus to be available on all major mobile operating systems and therefore are launching the app for iOS, Android and Windows at the same time.“

The Cargus app will also speed up the contact between the customer and the company’s Contact Center by three contact options: Click to mail, Click to chat and Click to call.

The app is available on the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) and Windows Phone platforms.

Cargus International

Cargus International SA is one of the biggest players on the Romanian domestic delivery market. Founded in 1991, it is Romania’s first courier company and currently owns and operates the only countrywide network of hubs, warehouses and a delivery fleet of over 900 courier vehicles. Cargus has a work force of over 1.500 courier professionals and has achieved sales exceeding EUR 25.7 m in 2013. For more info about Cargus’ services, please visit and our Cargus Facebook page.


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More mobile than ever: Cargus launches iOS, Android and Windows app
More mobile than ever: Cargus launches iOS, Android and Windows app

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